As anyone who has participated in this program will attest, there are no words or pictures that can begin to adequately capture the beauty of the scenery or hospitality of the people in Cape Town. Therefore, this blog is merely intended to provide an overview of the program and a glimpse at some amazing adventures and life-changing experiences had by the students and staff of this program who have traveled together as co-educators and companions on the journey. As Resident Director and Faculty Advisor since 2008 it has been a privilege and honor to accompany an incredible variety of wonderful UConn students to a place we have all come to know and love.

In peace, with hope,
Marita McComiskey, PhD,
Assistant Professor in Residence
Women’s Studies and Cape Town Study Abroad
University of Connecticut

Cape Town Coordinator Bio

Vernon answers students' questions while
leading them on their first tour of the city.

Rev. Vernon Rose is the Executive Director of Vernon Rose and Associates which provides organizational development services to both the public and private sectors. Vernon Rose has distinguished himself as an excellent strategic planning facilitator, having facilitated strategic planning processes for Office of the Premier in the Western Cape Provincial Government as well as several departments within the provincial legislature. Vernon was one of three persons chosen nationally to facilitate policy development for the National Lotteries Board Trust. He was the first to provide training on Integrated Development Planning (IDP) for the South African Local Government Association (SALGA). He currently coordinates the Cape Town Study Abroad Programs for the University of Connecticut as well as Truman University in this respect he teaches a course on South African civil society organisations as well as place students in different organisations as interns for the semester. Vernon also recently served as Interim Director of the South African Council of Churches in the Western Cape and was responsible for the Council's turn-around strategy.

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