As anyone who has participated in this program will attest, there are no words or pictures that can begin to adequately capture the beauty of the scenery or hospitality of the people in Cape Town. Therefore, this blog is merely intended to provide an overview of the program and a glimpse at some amazing adventures and life-changing experiences had by the students and staff of this program who have traveled together as co-educators and companions on the journey. As Resident Director and Faculty Advisor since 2008 it has been a privilege and honor to accompany an incredible variety of wonderful UConn students to a place we have all come to know and love.

In peace, with hope,
Marita McComiskey, PhD,
Assistant Professor in Residence
Women’s Studies and Cape Town Study Abroad
University of Connecticut

31 August 2012

Layout of this blog

Muizenburg Beach

This website is developed from a book written in 2012 to provide details on the University of Connecticut Study Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.  

Scroll down this page to read about this program as UConn students experience it during their time abroad. On the right side of this page are links to the blogs created by students as they were living, learning, and working in South Africa. Below those are a list of "labels."  Clicking on a label will take you to a specific section of the blog--such as internships, courses, Robben Island, etc. 

Throughout this site, text which appears in 
blue italics are excerpts and compilations of student comments.

Clinking on Part I, Part II, or Part III below will take you to that section of the blog.  When you get to the end of each section,  clicking on the link "Older Posts" will take you to the next section.

What follows is a description of each part.  Click on each Part to take you to that section:

Part I provides an overview of both the program and the city.  Beginning when students first arrive and following them through the first weeks of orientation as they discover the dichotomy of the city, familiarize themselves with the house in which they will be living, their neighborhood, the university, and the internships where they will each work.

Part II includes pictures of some of the internship placement sites, a description of their activist project assignment as well as a look at some of the places students chose to do community service.  It also includes pictures of some of the mountains they climbed, meals they shared, and activities such as their Human Rights Training Weekend, Mid-semester excursion, and trip to Kruger National Park, as well as an array of extra curriculum activities they enjoyed.

Part III 
sums up the program with thoughts on lessons learned and final thoughts students want to share with those considering the program.

 Table Bay

For more information, questions, or feedback you may email me at  marita.mccomiskey@uconn.edu

30 August 2012

UConn in Cape Town 2008-2012

Student Perspectives

Teachers, Advisors, Coordinators, Mentors

Out of the classroom into the world

Where in the World

Table Mountain

Arriving in Cape Town

Bus RIde "Home"

Home Away from Home

Welcome to Home

Creating Community

Conversations Never End

Gathering Together

The 24/7 Classroom

Getting to Know Cape Town

Cape Town

Signal Hill

Signal Hill

Signal Hill

Jumping for Joy on Signal Hill

29 August 2012

The CIty Bowl

V & A Waterfront

City Bowl

City Bowl

City Bowl

Sights around town

Roben Island

Robben Island

District 6 Museum

District 6 Museum

Cape Flats


Cape Flats

Cape Flats

Cape Flat Schools

Cape Flats

Going around the peninsula

Cape Point

Cape Point

Cape Point

Going around the Peninsula

Exuberance of being in Cape Town

Penguins really do live in South Africa


Course Work

University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town

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